Bishop Marcus has written a pastoral letter to be read at all Masses this weekend about the Synod in 2023 called by Pope Francis, which will also involve a consultation process for the future of our own diocese.

Every parish is asked to hold a meeting in November/December to consider questions that will be put to us all, and the meeting will be convened by three facilitators. More details will be announced in due course, but are you willing to serve as a facilitator? It would require attending two training days at Hinsley Hall on Saturday 16th October and Saturday 23rd October (10.30am to 4pm, lunch provided), and the commissioning Mass at the 11am Mass at Leeds Cathedral by the bishop on Sunday 17th October. Each group of three would then be asked to attend parish meetings in four parishes and to write up an accurate account of what was said during the meeting. This will then be sent to the parish priest as well. No-one will be asked to visit parishes within their own area as this would be unfair on them. If you are willing to act as a facilitator, please contact Fr Peter by Friday 24th September.

You can read the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter by clicking here